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“The Sky Crawlers”

Coming Soon to a Theatre near you! The Anime movie “The Sky Crawlers” is hitting Singapore on 27th November! The movie was originally released in Japan August 2008, how’s that for fast turnover rate! The film was made by the team behind Ghost in the Shell, namely Production  I.G. and famous anime director Mamoru Oshii.

Based on the novel series by Hiroshi Mori, the film follows an  alternate historical world, revolving around a group of teenage fighter pilots doomed to remain young forever, engaging in WWII style aerial combat games organized by adults. With Mamoru Oshii at the helm, expect not only beautifully animated dogfight sequences, but complex psychological drama as well.

Already the film has won numeroud awards at various Film festivals. Most recently on Ocotber 25th, it won the Award of Excellence at the Japanese Digital Media Awards 2008.

The film has been brought to Singapore by Encore Films who previously brought over shows like manga adaptations Death Note and recently 20th Century Boys. They will be distributing it in conjunction with Golden Village. The movie will be screened in Japanese with English and Chinese subtitles.

You can check ou their site for the movie over here.

To see the trailer, go directly here!


Kaleidoscope Reminder!

As reported earlier, the digital art exhibition Kaleidoscope will be held this weekend at Funan the IT Mall! In addition to all the displayed artwork, our club will be having a booth during the event as well. Do come down to take a look!

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Animation Nation 2008

Singapore Film Society’s yearly event Animation Nation has come around once again! This year, they’ve pushed up the dates to make it easier for University students to attend.  From 24th October to 2nd November, you can catch a multitude of different Animation films from across the globe, From Anime such as Freedom Project and Piano no Mori, to short works from the famed Aardman studios!

There’s also a few seminars and workshops lined up for the event. Meet and greet the creators of various animation works such as Japanese animator Koji Yamamura , some of the production team from Project Freedom and even a scriptwriting workshop by Scrawl Studio’s scriptwriter Leonard Mah!

For more information on timings, ticketing prices and other assorted details, please visit their website:   The seminars themselves are free to all students! So why waste this opportunity and register for the event today!


AFA 08 Big News!!

We’re one day late, but as the saying goes, better that than never ay? More Anime Festival Asia 08 news coming in, from a press conference held on 7/10/2008. It’s big! AFA looks to be gearing up to be THE MUST-ATTEND event for local anime fans. Here goes!

Don't Be Late!

Even Lions lick themselves

  • Singer May’n (May Nakabayashi) will be coming down here in Singapore to perform at AFA. Those who watch Macross Frontier will recognise her as the singing voice of Sheryl
    Nome. She’ll be performing a concert of 7 of her songs during the convention. No additional ticket charge other than the convention entrance fee!
  • For all you mecha fans, mechanical designer Kunio Okawara is coming down as well. Not only did he do mechanical designs for classic Sunrise mech series like Votoms, Layzner and the Yuusha series, he is a big designer on the Gundam franchise his works including  the original RX-78 Gundam and MS-06 Zaku II! He also did the Scopedog from Votoms and the King of Braves Gaogaigar!

    Mecha fans better be there. Upon the oath of courage!

  • Aside from Bandai, Kotobukiya, Alter, GSC and Max Factory are also coming down to the convention. For all those figure collectors out there, expect some nifty convention exclusives and prereleases!

And so much, so much more. Looks like it’s time to toss them books aside and hit Suntec Convention Centre come 22-23rd of November. (Disclaimer: The opinions of the author do not necessarily reflect those of the VAS) There are other rumours circulating, we’ll keep you updated as and when they are confirmed. For now, Go! Visit their site!

A Subclub of

NTUVAS Animeworks is a non-profit student society that aims to promote animation as a visual medium and foster interest in it through its activities.

AnimeWorks’ Twitter!

  • AnimeWorks Presents Screening of Princess Mononoke and FMA: Movie at NTU on 16th & 17th of March 2010 - 10 years ago
  • Visit the VAS booth at EOY'09 for club-made doujin merchandise and temp tattoos! - 10 years ago
  • The VAS has a new affiliate! Kareshi Kanojo no Mise and parent company Genesis Frontier. Check out our front page for more details! - 10 years ago
  • If you missed Extravaganza, do check out the art exhibition NUSCAS wil be holding at EOY this year. - 10 years ago
  • Pics of Extravaganza up on our Flickr account! - 10 years ago
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