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“Detroit Metal City” movie opens March 19th!


Opening  on March 19th here in local cinemas comes the live action movie Detroit Metal City, adapted from the popular comedy manga and anime of the same name. Detroit Metal City (or DMC for short) started out as a gag manga that is still ongoing and was recently adapted into a 12 part Anime OVA by Studio 4 degrees.  This 103minute live action incarnation sees the title character Souichi Negishi played by Kenichi Matsuyama who also starred as L in the live action versions of Death Note.

In DMC, Negishi is a conservative momma’s boywho has left his countryside home for Tokyo in hopes of being a popular pop singer. Ironically, he finds fame as the violent and controversial lead singer, Johannes Krauser II,  of the underground death metal band, Detroit Metal City. Despite despising his alter ego, his amazing talents as Krauser earns him an ever growing following so he struggles to keep up with his second life as well as to hide his dual identity.


Once again brought to you by Encore Films , they will be holding a tie in promotional event called the “Detroit Metal City Showdown” at The Heeren on 14 March 2009, 5pm. Prior to this event, they will be also having a  Trendy Mushroom Hairstyle Hunt! Send in photo with a hairstyle similar to Negishi’s in the movie to to win more than $1000 worth of prizes in total! Closing date for entry is 8 March 2009.

So for all DMC fans, do check out this movie. Go to DMC!


KKnM Shifting of Premises

If you are a Singaporean Otaku, chances are you already frequent the shophouse of the premier authentic anime merchandise supplier here in Singapore, Kareshi Kanojo No Mise (KKnM for short). Some may have already heard the news that the shop will be shifting premises from its original location at Sunshine Plaza, 91 Bencoolen Street, unit #01-50 to unit #01-34 in the same building over the course of next week, reopening only on the 21st. Before it closes for the move, KKnM is having a special Valentines Weekend Super Sale, mainly on Anime figures with savings up to 50% on selected items! So all figure collectors out there, do go down to check out he bargains as well as to take a look one last time at the old premises before the move, remembering the good many years the shop’s been there.



Post SOYA’09 and Cosplay Challenge ’09

Last Saturday saw the simultaneous staging of two local cosplay events, Start of Year Again’09 by Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Japanese Tsubasa Club, and Cosplay Challenge Finals ’09 by the Singapore Cosplay Club. Those not in attendance at either might be wondering how do these events stack up.


I,myself, was at Cosplay Challenge, but having chained myself to the NTUVAS’s booth for the whole day, I didn’t really get to walk the grounds, small as it was, so I can’t rightly give a full review of the event. All I can say is with the convention going crowd split between two events, Cosplay Challenge was probably the quieter of the two because of its more remote location. This despite the booth vendors turning out full force. The appearance of famous Japanese mecha cosplayer Goldy (Decked out as Strike Freedom Gundam?) and a live Symphonic Band performance were the most memorable parts of the event.


Over at SOYA, VAS members  ラビღ and cloud0_o were in attendance, and once again provide us with their report of the event. A big thanks to them! Read on: 1

Tada~~ Here comes the “Start of Year Again! 09” (S.O.Y.A’09) Cosplay Event held by Ngee Ann Poly’s Japanese Tsubasa Club (JTC)!!! Being the 2nd time that JTC held this event, they had made a good head start for local anime related events in the year 2009. The event was held 31st January 09, Saturday, on their campus from 11am to 6pm.

A variety of mini-events were planned for the crowd, including Taiko performance (Japanese drums) by JTC performing arts section, Gothic Lolita fashion staged by “Haru” (a shop specializing in Lolita, Punk and casual streetwear), SGdeviant meet up session, karaoke competition and the cosplay competition, with both individual and group categories. As for the cosplayers, while there weren’t any huge swarms of group-ed cosplayers, we managed to see quite a range of them from different animes including characters from D.Gray Man, Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn, Gintama, Final Fantasy, Gundam 00, Shakugan no Shana, Kuroshitsuji, Naruto, Bleach, Vampire Knights, Death Note, Card Captor Sakura, Code Geass, The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, Full Metal Alchemist, Nabari no Ou, Zero no Tsukaima among others

Some characters: 2 5 31 41 101 Not to be missed the special appearance by our highly recognizable “God of Fortune” (Cai Shen), dressed in bright red which coincide with the Chinese New Year period. A pity we didn’t manage to get their pics!

Tour of the day:

Upon reaching Ngee Ann Poly, we’ve spotted a few strategically placed sign boards and ushers directing us to the event venue, which makes the place visitor-friendly. ^_^. We noticed that there weren’t many people or cosplayers despite the fact that it was already one hour into the start of the event. Thus we didn’t really transform into the “HIGH” mode straight away. Thinking that the crowd will pick up later, we decided to take a tour around the booths first to see if there is any wonderful merchandise up for grab. ~~shopping time~~ yeah!!!

Given that S.O.Y.A is a small scale event, the number of booths present was acceptable. From doujin to customization booths, there were a lot of things for otakus to spend hours looking through. However, frankly speaking, we had the “intuition” that there were more interesting booths at the Cosplay Challenge which was also held on the same day at S’pore Discovery Centre. (Editor’s note: Ironically, booth vendors over at Cosplay Challenge were overhead lamenting low sales as a large number of people there were not the usual anime merchandise buying crowd) 

After browsing through the stalls, we made our way to LT26 and managed to secure seats with good views for the upcoming performance and competitions. Unfortunately, we had to wait for quite some time due to some technical glitches before the start of the first performance: JTC’s Taiko performance. The drumming event is very refreshing for us since it is our first time watching such jap cultural performance. XD Next, the Solo Cosplay Competition finally started after a short speech by JTC’s President. Here we present our emcees (MCs) of the day — Tifa and Aerith from Final Fantasy VII. 6 An interesting conversational topic between them that heightened the mood of the audience was their triangle love relationship with Cloud. Who do you think is the right girl for Cloud??

The solo competitors include Russia (Hetalia – Axis of Powers), Shana (Shakugan no Shana), Sasuke (Naruto) etc. Each competitor had to answer some questions about their costumes by the MCs. On top of that, they had to do an impromptu gig on stage where they picked a piece of paper from the “sorting hat” (Harry Potter??) and act according to what their character would do in respective situations. It was really entertaining!!! They were judged according to their costume accuracy, performance and most importantly, how “in-character” they were while they were on the stage.

After our lunch-break, there was an increase in both the number of visitors and cosplayers. It got to a point where the corridors were totally stuffed with people. Perhaps some of them came over from the Cosplay Challenge which they attended earlier. It’s a pity as we didn’t take a lot of cosplayers’ photos. T_T

Back to the LT for the karaoke competition. Amateurs or not, the competitors deserved our applause for their braveness. =) As usual, we do see a couple of old-timers with their powerful vocals delivering really cool songs. Songs heard include “Eternal Blaze” (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha As), well-liked “Diamond Crevasse” (Macross Frontier), technically demanding “Rise” (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex), light hearted “Sakura Kiss” (Ouran High School Host Club) etc.

Next up was the Group Cosplay Competition. To our disappointment, there were only two participating teams: Haruhi Team VS Innovator Team (Gundam 00). Perhaps some cosplayers went over to compete in the Cosplay Challenge.(Editor’s note: Unlikely, as the competition section of Cosplay challenge was only open to the individual participants of the event’s Cosplay Workshop)


In order to spice up the competition, the MCs suggested having someone from the audience to suggest a scenario for both teams to act it out. One enthusiastic audience ran up the stage, dressed in green, holding onto a rifel and, with his deep ghostly voice, suggested a scenario whereby the world is filled with brain eating zombies and they are going to attack the two teams. While the two teams were still pondering on what to do, the MCs had gathered a group of zombies, comprising of sporting cosplayers from the audience such as Cloud Strife and Reno from FFVII and characters from Volcaloid, to make the final showdown even more exciting.

The first to face the hungry zombies was the Innovator Team. They consulted Veda and sent Exia to tackle the first zombie but was, unfortunately, defeated. Subsequently attacks had also left the team vulnerable. Eventually, the team was “pwned” by the zombies group.

Next up was Haruhi team. With their Brigade head’s kick-ass “I am God” attitude, she led her team to a win against the even larger hungry zombies group which included the “dead” Innovator Team. 3 heroines VS a huge army of brain eating zombies!!! CHARGE!!! In my opinion, that was the probably the only climax throughout the whole event which had the audience laughing away and impressed by the splendid performance put up by the 3 teams of cosplayers (including the zombie group). The judges were even contemplating with the thought of including the “Zombies” team in the Group Cosplay Competition! A round of applause for all them as they did an amazing job!!!

After that, it was time for the results to be tabulated and the two MCs had to “entertain” the audience. We were told to wait for five minutes but in the end, we waited for god-knows-how-long before the results were released. It had even got to the point whereby the MCs had used up all the ideas and didn’t know what to do or say in order to keep us occupied. Nonetheless, we had to applause them for their efforts and determination to hold on till the results were out. It’s a pity that there were too many insider jokes that left the audience scratching their heads. 9 2 of the karaoke contestants came back on stage to sing an acapella duet on “Lion” (Macross Frontier) to keep the crowds’ attention. They did an awesome great job with their powerful and soothing vocals. It is a pleasure listening to them. ^_^

After some time, the results were out. Here they are! *drumrolls*:

Solo Cosplay Competition Winner: Russia (Hetalia – Axis Powers)

Crowd’s Favourite: (not too sure, think she is from Chobits)

Group Cosplay Competition Winner: Innovator Group (Gundam 00)

Karaoke Competition Winner: Tieria Erde (“Diamond Crevasse” from Macross Frontier)

Crowd’s Favourite: Gintoki (“Rise” from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex) [who also played a part in the group cosplay as Exia and Michael Jackson XD]

~~That marks the end of S.O.Y.A. 2009~~

Our views: There is still room for improvements when it comes to the tabulation of results – they made the audience waited too long till it gets too boring. Apart from the waiting time, everything else is quite alright and fun. We still look forward to next year’s S.O.Y.A. =) It is a pity that S.O.Y.A clashes on the same day with Cosplay Challenge, and thus the no. of crowd and cosplayers were separated into 2 different locations. If not, we should be expecting more crowds and swarms of cosplayers.

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