Extravaganza’09 – An Illustration Showcase!


This year, The NUS Comics and Animation Society (NUSCAS), NTU Visual Arts Society (NTUVAS), Collateral Damage Studios (CDS) and Techcomix.com have banded together to bring Extrvaganza ’09, an illustration showcase event celebrating the regions best up and coming artistic talent!

Combining the various entities’ signature art events, Extravaganza ‘09 features  art competition segments comprising of INK! (Traditional Art) and Graphite (Digital Art Competition) and the illustration exhibition Kaleidoscope. Techcomix will also be hosting an online art gallery where artists who upload their works stand to win special prizes!

The overall theme for Extravaganza this year is “Gaming”, highlighting the close ties between gaming and illustration in the gaming industry. To all of you young artists out there! Extravaganza ’09 is here to help your talent get recognized! With a chance to showcase your stuff and with judges from Imaginary Friends Studios and TKG Comics Circle, entering into the competition and exhibitions will give you the exposure needed to boost your artistic career! Visit the Extravaganza website to learn more about registration and competition details.

Registration and submission of competition and exhibition entries begins from August onwards and ends in October. The Extravaganza illustration showcase itself will be held in December 2009 during Anime Festival Asia 2009. Do drop by the event to take part in other event features such as the Graffiti Wall, Live Drawing Duel, and a popularity poll!

So don’t delay and visit our Extravaganza’09 website today!



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