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Animation Nation 2009


Singapore’s premier Animation Film Festival, Animation Nation is here once again! From October 14 – 21, Singapore Film Society will be bringing to you various animation films and shorts from across the globe and screening them at the National Museum of Singapore.

Get to see some of the best animation works the field has to offer.  From feature films like the Secret of Kells, Barefoot Gen and Oscar nominated Waltz with Bashir. To shorts from famous studios like Studio AKA and Studio 4 degrees as well as top local talents. There are even seminars where you can meet some of the leading talents in the industry!

So catch a few of their screenings, immerse yourself in the world of animation and expand your viewing horizons. Full Information on ticketing and schedule can be found at the Animation Nation 2009 website.  Check out their facebook here

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Fear the Stifmaster! Bwahaha!

Hello everyone! This is Stifler. You might know me from hanging out in the RP section of Onemanga or from reading other anime blogs. And yes, as you might have guessed, I’ll joining the vibrant club life that we have right here at NTU as this blog’s new author!

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AnimeWorks Weekly #1


This week we will be holding the first of our regular meetings! Discussions are at our forum:(

This week, details is as follow:
Day: 23 Sept 09, Wednesday
Time: 6pm [we might be there early. i’ll end lessons @ 430. siyu @ 1230 (hope i’m correct XD)]
Venue: TR 1-14 – The ones on the 5th floor of N3 N4 [either find us via signs that we should be putting up on the door or just sms]

What we’ll be doing is some club discussion as well as just general mingling around. Share some ideas/plans/questions for the events/outings we’ll be holding and get to know your fellow club members. All are welcome! 🙂

Hope to see you all there! Comment/Email if you are going (state who u are too :))!


AnimeWorks Subcomm Meeting #1

animesub1Time to get to business!

I’m Denise, the new chairperson and Siyu is the new vice chairperson and we are all so very glad to have to be part of the animeworks family!

To start of the year, we will be having our first subcomm meeting. Please take note:

Date: 16 September 2009
Time: 7:00pm
Venus: Old Canteen A

If you wish to join us for dinner which will be held before the meeting:
Date: 16 September 2009
Time: 5:45pm
Venue: Canteen A (the one with macs) outside Old Chang Kee area

DO NOTE THE VENUE IS NOT VERY FIXED! as it will depending on the dinner crowd 🙂 I’ll be there and I’ll have a white haversack with kuroshitsuji badges on it XDDD

Some of the meeting agendas:

  1. Volunteering as coordinators!
    For those who don’t know, coordinators will be my and Siyu’s main sources of contacts in which they will then disburse the information we pass to them to the rest of the subcommers! Just to give you all the figures, we have about 30+ subcommers this year so these coordinators will be very important! If you would like to find out more about what this entails or if you already know and want to volunteer, please do! Passion and love for animeworks is all you need! 😀
  2. Photographers
    Please let me know if you are interested in helping out with the photography aspect of the club. Also, if you know any photography friends who are interested in cosplay and taking artistic pictures, please introduce them to our club! I would like to speak to them 😀

Last note: If you haven’t receive an email from me yet about animeworks event though you have signed up as an animeworks subcommer PLEASE LET ME KNOW! because I do have some members in which I do not have any of their contact information So yeaps!


So there you have it! See you at the first subcomm meeting. I’ll email a summary of the meeting so that those who are unable to attend will still be updated!


Lim Siyu

Anime Festival Asia ’09 ONLINE!


That’s right folks! The most anticipated Anime event here in Singapore is coming back again this November! Bigger! Badder! Better than last year’s! Anime Festival Asia’09 hits Suntec Convention Centre 21st, 22nd November 2009!

If you thought last year’s guest list was impressive, wait till you check out this year’s! Anime Song Singers Ichiro “Aniki” Mizuki (Mazinger Z, Captain Harlock, among many many others) and May’n (Macross Frontier, Shangri-La) return once again after their hit performances last year. Joining them are fellow singers Yoshiki “Nekki  Basara” Fukuyama (Macross 7, Busou Renkin, King Gainer) and Shoko “Shokotan” Nakagawa (Gurren Lagann). Together, they are part of the “I Love Anisong” event to be held on both days of AFA! Other announced guests include renowned cosplayer KANAME and famous Internet Personality Danny Choo. Speaking from last year’s experience, expect this list to grow even larger as the event draws closer!

Their site just hit the Internet today! Visit it! Bookmark it! Expect more announcements to appear over the next few months.


Also don’t forget, AFA’09 is a co-organiser of Extravaganza’09, our art illustration showcase to be held during the convention itself. Submission of competition and exhibition entries are still open. Visit our site for more details!

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NTUVAS Animeworks is a non-profit student society that aims to promote animation as a visual medium and foster interest in it through its activities.

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  • AnimeWorks Presents Screening of Princess Mononoke and FMA: Movie at NTU on 16th & 17th of March 2010 - 10 years ago
  • Visit the VAS booth at EOY'09 for club-made doujin merchandise and temp tattoos! - 10 years ago
  • The VAS has a new affiliate! Kareshi Kanojo no Mise and parent company Genesis Frontier. Check out our front page for more details! - 10 years ago
  • If you missed Extravaganza, do check out the art exhibition NUSCAS wil be holding at EOY this year. - 10 years ago
  • Pics of Extravaganza up on our Flickr account! - 10 years ago
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