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Evangelion 2.0 in Singapore 12th November!


Eva Fans rejoice! 2 years after Eva: 1.0 You are (Not) Alone graced local screens, Cathay Cineplexes has announced they are bringing the next installment of the Evangelion: Rebuild franchise, Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance,  to their cinemas from the 12th of November 2009. A total retelling of the hit anime series Evangelion, Eva 2.0 promises to diverge more from its source material to head out into a bold new direction with the series, including introducing a new character to the cast lineup. A must-see for all Anime fans!


[EOY’09] Yui Makino confirmed as Guest!


Last year, we bid farewell to Shiro Tsubasa Anime Club, who have been hosting the End of Year Cosplay Event (more affectionately known as EOY) for many years. And earlier this year, local Japanese fashion retailer Black Alice announced their intention to continue the EOY tradition, now choosing to hold it at National Library on the 26th of December


Facing growing competition from newer events over the years like AFA and Cosfest, the new organisers of EOY have upped the ante, inviting Japanese Artiste Yui Makino to the event for special appearance and performance. Yui Makino is best know for her voice work on Tsubasa Chronicles as Sakura, but she’s an accomplished pianist and singer as well, having performed theme songs for shows such as Aria, Sora O Kakeru Shoujo and Welcome to the NHK. Tickets for her performance at EOY are now available through Gatecrash.


More info on the EOY website!


EOY’09 Website

EOY’09 Facebook


[AFA’09] I Love Anisong Tickets up for sale!


Last week, AFA opened up sales for I Love Anisong 2 Day package deal. This week, they’ve also opened up sales for the single day concert tickets as well. Tickets can be purchased at Sistic here. It’s $108 for single day tickets and $188 for both days. Get them while they’re hot!


Also Check out more news coverage at out sister site Art in Movement!

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Animation:R (Screening Event / October 2009)

Continuing AnimeWorks’ long tradition, this October our club is proud to present Animation:R! Formerly known as Animation Revelation, Animation: R is a three day screening event here in NTU featuring 3 excellent Anime movies!

Timings and Dates as follows:

  • 15th October 2009 (Thursday) – 7pm @ LT5 –  The Girl Who Leapt through Time
  • 20th October 2009 (Tuesday) – 7pm @ LT1A – Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete
  • 22th October 2009 (Thursday) – 7pm @ LT24 –  Read or Die OVA

The screening is free and open to all members of the NTUVAS. Those of you who aren’t members need not worry as membership is available at the door. Refreshments will be provided. So forget about your worries, join us for a few evenings of animation wonder to revive your passion for the medium, relive some of its most triumphant moments, and most importantly, to just relax and unwind with fellow anime fans.

More info on movies and registration after the jump!

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New NTUVAS Blogs – Designer’s Club & “Art in Movement”

We’d like to welcome two new additions to the NTU Visual Arts Society online family.

First up, we have the blog site of our fellow NTUVAS subclub, the Designer’s Club. Visit their site for updates on their events, which includes stuff like the upcoming Photoshop Seminar Designer’s Voyage and workshops on computer aided design work.

Next up, we’ve set up a companion newsletter blog  named “Art In Movement”.  Visit it for news , views and reviews on comics and animation!

You can find the sites on our updated club blogroll to the right, or by clicking on the links below:

NTUVAS Designer’s Club Blog

Art in Movement – An NTUVAS Blog on Comics and Animation

A Subclub of

NTUVAS Animeworks is a non-profit student society that aims to promote animation as a visual medium and foster interest in it through its activities.

AnimeWorks’ Twitter!

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