A.C.M.E – A Certain Magical Event 2

This post took a long time in coming. I blame it on school and on my own laziness. More on the event after the jump.

Mascot for A.C.M.E

A Certain Magical Event, or A.C.M.E for short, is a locally held event that aims to be the Comiket of the Singapore market. Organized by the store owners of KKnM, it’s a nice little event that brings together many of the various doujin groups in Singapore, and some exclusive content from the actual Comiket.

Remember! This is not the end of the queue!

Interestingly enough, people started queuing the night before, just like in Comiket. I won’t have expected my fellow Singaporeans to do something like that – we just aren’t that crazy. But I guess some people are…Especially since a certain someone who queued overnight for Starcraft 2 also queued overnight for ACME.

Anyway, there were things other than exclusive Comiket goods brought over from Japan to bring people in. Ever since it was first launched in Singapore about…one and a half years ago, the trading card game Weiβ Schwarz has been steadily gaining in popularity. So it’s no wonder that a sizable number of people turned up for the Weiβ Schwarz tournament.

What! A Climax right on the first turn!!??

I would have joined them too, if I weren’t already busy with another on-going tournament…

Fantasy Freaking Heaven

Yup, there was a Touhou 12.3: Hisoutensoku tournament going on at the same time, yours truly being one of the players. To my knowledge, it’s the first time such a tournament is held in Singapore. And boy, did it bring in the crowd.

There’s a good turnout of players, numbering 24 players in total. Now, ACME was held at Sculpture Square, which isn’t the biggest of places. Throw in the space needed for the booths and the tournament grounds, there isn’t alot of space for people to stand and move around. But boy, did we pack it in.

Human Sardines

Yup, the Hisoutensoku tournament is the big highlight of the day. The crowd was also extremely responsive, cheering whenever the players managed to pull of spectacular combos or unleash deadly spellcards.

Players were given their preferred choice of controls – either using a keyboard or a joystick. I play using the keyboard, of course. Can’t use a joystick for nuts.

The top three finalists are awarded with a couple of Touhou nendos. I wanted Sakuya and China, but unfortunately, they were for the champion of the tournament, and I fell short.

From left to right: GFree, Clownfish, and Dex. 3rd, 1st, and 2nd respectively

And above are the winners of the tournament. Most of the players in the tourney know and frequently play each other online, so we have a general idea of who to look out for. Clownfish is generally considered the top player of TH12.3 here in Singapore. When the tournament started, Clown was no where to be seen, and we were all breathing a sigh of relief. Then he showed up, and we all went “Awwww…Damn.”

As you can tell, he became the champ. No surprises there. XD

The ending of the tournament signaled the end of ACME, bringing the event to a close. It was great fun, competing against my fellow Touhou players and pitting my skills against them. I also got myself an awesome Tachibana Kanade tablemat. All in all, it was an enjoyable event. Here’s to next year’s ACME!

Time to continue training my 12.3 to beat Clown. lol

And in case you want them, here are the replays for the tourney, uploaded through Mediafire. And here are the tournament results.

PS: All pictures here are courtesy of o0ga from The Banzai Effect and the sgCafe blog. You can see his original post here.


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