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Animation Revelation -Nanoha the Movie and the Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi!

For this semester’s Animation Revelation, we are proud to bring you two of the most highly anticipated  animated movies of the decade – Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha the Movie 1st and The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi!

Additional details after the jump.

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Recess Week Outings~~!!

And finally, the recess week is here! One whole week of not having to bother to go to school and study and things like that. So, what better time for us to go out and enjoy ourselves? Info and details after the jump~~


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Love Lolita Fashion?

Now this would be a nice event to go to. Learn all about the secrets behind lolita fashion from one who’s at the very forefront of lolita in Singapore.  Yup – Ms Elizabeth Seah, the great Lady Boss of Haru, will be coming down to NTU LT27, to present a talk on the finer details of lolita.

Members get to go in for free, and the 7 bucks paid would grant you membership to both JAC and VAS, so why not?

Hope to see you there!

PS: Lolita is a lifestyle, not a fashion statement!


AGM’s Tomorrow!

Our Annual General Meeting will be held tomorrow! To see what we’ve up to for the past one year and cast your vote for the upcoming main committee  members, just come down to LT20 at 7 pm. Hope to see you there!


VAS@AFA’09 Coverage Starts!

Our live coverage of AFA’09 starts now! Follow our twitter and Flickr accounts below for reports and photos!






Anime Festival Asia ’09 is Finally Here!

After several months of wait, the long awaited event has finally arrived! This weekend from the 21st to the 22nd, the 2nd Anime Festival Asia opens its doors to the general public. We’ve been covering news on the event since word first broke out both here and our sister site Art in Movement , check those posts out to see what’s in store!  You may also want to see our report of last year’s event!

We’ll be trying out something different for this year’s coverage of the event. We’ll be doing Live On-The-Scene reports of the event itself through Friday – Sunday using our twitter account and our Flickr account. so do visit our site over the weekend!

We’ll be there as well, as we’ll be co-hosting with our fellow co-organisers, NUSCAS, CDS and Techcomix, our Extravaganza Illustration Showcase at AFA itself! Do drop by to admire the artworks and pay us a visit!


Animation:R (Screening Event / October 2009)

Continuing AnimeWorks’ long tradition, this October our club is proud to present Animation:R! Formerly known as Animation Revelation, Animation: R is a three day screening event here in NTU featuring 3 excellent Anime movies!

Timings and Dates as follows:

  • 15th October 2009 (Thursday) – 7pm @ LT5 –  The Girl Who Leapt through Time
  • 20th October 2009 (Tuesday) – 7pm @ LT1A – Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete
  • 22th October 2009 (Thursday) – 7pm @ LT24 –  Read or Die OVA

The screening is free and open to all members of the NTUVAS. Those of you who aren’t members need not worry as membership is available at the door. Refreshments will be provided. So forget about your worries, join us for a few evenings of animation wonder to revive your passion for the medium, relive some of its most triumphant moments, and most importantly, to just relax and unwind with fellow anime fans.

More info on movies and registration after the jump!

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NTUVAS Animeworks is a non-profit student society that aims to promote animation as a visual medium and foster interest in it through its activities.

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  • Visit the VAS booth at EOY'09 for club-made doujin merchandise and temp tattoos! - 7 years ago
  • The VAS has a new affiliate! Kareshi Kanojo no Mise and parent company Genesis Frontier. Check out our front page for more details! - 7 years ago
  • If you missed Extravaganza, do check out the art exhibition NUSCAS wil be holding at EOY this year. - 7 years ago
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