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Animation Revelation -Nanoha the Movie and the Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi!

For this semester’s Animation Revelation, we are proud to bring you two of the most highly anticipated  animated movies of the decade – Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha the Movie 1st and The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi!

Additional details after the jump.

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The chalet is over!


And it was a blast. I had a great time hanging out with and gaming with everyone.  More pictures and reports coming up soon.


Stay tuned for the memories~~


AGM’s Tomorrow!

Our Annual General Meeting will be held tomorrow! To see what we’ve up to for the past one year and cast your vote for the upcoming main committee  members, just come down to LT20 at 7 pm. Hope to see you there!


Extravaganza ’09 – Collection Point

A Reminder to all! Extravaganza’s Closing date is this Sunday 8th of November!

Entries can be sent to the collection point which will be set up this Saturday and Sunday at the following venue.

Date: 7th & 8th Nov 2009

Time: 10.00am – 6.00pm

Venue: Starbucks @ Wilkie Edge (map)

If you have yet to apply, please fill out the application form found here and send it in along with your entry before the deadline. This is the last opportunity to participate in this event to be held during AFA’09. Get your artistic talents recognized by members of the industry and win great prizes!

Visit the Extravaganza site for more details. Contact us here if you have any queries or requests.



NTU Visual Arts Society Annual General Meeting ’09


Date: 2/9/2009 (Wednesday)

Time: 7pm – 9:30pm

Venue: LT6

The Visual Arts Society would like to invite all its members, past and present, to attend the Visual Arts Society Annual General Meeting, to be held this Wednesday, 7pm at LT6.

For those who have signed up as members of the club, payment of yearly membership fees of $2 as well as collection of membership card will be available at the door of the event, officially inaugerating you as a full member of the club.  Membership registration is also available for those who have yet to sign up with us.

Aside from a recollection of our club’s past year activities, we will also be holding the elections for the Visual Arts Society Main Committee of 09/10 during the AGM. Do come down to choose who you would like to see lead the club in the upcoming year! Meet and mingle with them at the reception held after the event, which includes light refreshments.

Please take note that under the ruling of the current election committee, only current and former members will be allowed to place their votes during the election. As  mentioned earlier,  those who are not yet members may sign up and register at the event itself.

Look back on the past year. Decide the Club’s future! See the torch get passed on. We hope to see you there on Wednesday!


NTUVAS Main Committee Recruitment Interview


You are really interested in what the VAS does, and want to contribute to our society in a big way. You want to stand at the forefront of  the VAS’s future endeavours. You believe you have what it takes to get the job done and help lead the club onto new and exciting paths. Then you’ll want to join the VAS’s Main Committee!

Straight after our Welcome Tea session, the VAS will be conducting a recruitment drive for all levels of membership, including Main Committee members. For all you aspiring Maincommers out there, the first step to become one is to go through our Main Committee Recruitment Interviews, held on the 27th and 28th of August (Thurs & Fri) 7pm at TR 4 . Come down on either of these days, and we’ll see if you have what it takes to accept a maincomm position. There is no prerequisites to join! Even first years are welcome to apply! If you find that those timings are not agreeable with you, send us an e-mail and we’ll try to make alternative arrangments!

After getting through the interviews, the next phase would be the main comm elections held during our Annual General Meeting on a yet to be confirmed date. Better start getting prepared to woo the voters over with a speech!

You may be wondering, what Main Comm positions are up for grabs. Here’s a basic list of club portfolio positions that are open for the elections:

  • Publicity I/C (2 X positions)
  • Business Management (2 X positions)
  • Logistics (2 X positions)
  • Project Management (2 X positions)

In addition, each of the three subclubs have Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson positions that are up for re-election, including our very own AnimeWorks! We really hope to see people dedicated to our line of interest stepping up to take a shot!

If you have any questions about the different positions and portfolios, do come down to our welcome tea session to learn more directly from our current Main Committee. Otherwise, as always, we accept any and and all E-mail queries.


NTUVAS Welcome Tea Session

Disclaimer: Actual Tea may or may not be involved!

Disclaimer: Actual Tea may or may not be involved!

On the 26th of August, Wednesday, 7pm at LT 11, the NTUVAS will be holding its annual Welcome Tea session. Drag a friend! Drop by! Here are some of the things you can look forward to during the session.

  • Learn! Find out in detail what the society and its constituent subclubs  and portfolios are all about though a series of presentations on the club.
  • Meet! Most of the Main Committee members and some of our previous subcommittee members will be there at the session. You can approach them if you have any specific queries about the VAS. Catch them before they fade back into obscurity once more!
  • Eat! Enjoy yourself with the light refreshments we will be providing after the Welcome Tea Session. Hey, it’s free!
  • Join! You’ve really thought it through, and you would really like to contribute to our club as a member/Subcomm/Main Comm. We’d say you’ve made a fine choice! Just come up to us to make your intentions known!

Also, Watch! You’ve asked for it in feedback during Animation Revelation event and we’re giving it to you! More Screenings!. That’s right,  Animeworks present AnimeWorks: East to West! a screening event that will kickstart the welcome tea session off at 7pm!


We believe that animation, no matter its country of origin is a wonderful medium, so here we are presenting one episode each of some of the best shows from both sides of the Pacific! And we’re letting you! The good people of NTU, choose what theme will our screening follow.

Will it be “It Came from Outer Space!” featuring an episode each of hit anime The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi and cult fav Invader Zim.

Or will it be “Superheroes Unite!“, also featuring an episode each from action extravaganza Read or Die the OVA and the ever brilliant Justice League Unlimited?

You Decide!  You can pop down to our Welcome Week booth anytime till Wednesday 19th of August to cast your vote on which we shall watch, or send in your e-mail to! Polls close Wednesday! Stay Tuned and We’ll update with the results soon enough.

UPDATE! The people have spoken. The poll results are in and “It Came from Outer Space” theme won 11-7! Come Wednesday we’ll be showing, one episode each from The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi and one episode from Invader Zim at the start of our Welcome Tea! Even if you may have followed these series before, do try to come down to watch them, watching as a group can be a much different experience from watching by oneself. For those of you who voted for “Superheroes Unite”, fret not, we’ll try to find someway to not keep you hanging, and maybe we’ll include the shows into other future screenings!

If you are having trouble finding LT11, especially for those of you new to NTU, here’s a handy map of the North Spine 4th floor. You can reach the LT through lift NS2-2


A Subclub of

NTUVAS Animeworks is a non-profit student society that aims to promote animation as a visual medium and foster interest in it through its activities.

AnimeWorks’ Twitter!

  • AnimeWorks Presents Screening of Princess Mononoke and FMA: Movie at NTU on 16th & 17th of March 2010 - 8 years ago
  • Visit the VAS booth at EOY'09 for club-made doujin merchandise and temp tattoos! - 8 years ago
  • The VAS has a new affiliate! Kareshi Kanojo no Mise and parent company Genesis Frontier. Check out our front page for more details! - 8 years ago
  • If you missed Extravaganza, do check out the art exhibition NUSCAS wil be holding at EOY this year. - 8 years ago
  • Pics of Extravaganza up on our Flickr account! - 8 years ago
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